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A major scientific re­volution of the 20th century was the deciphering of the genetic code to probe the mole­cules of life, coupled with the ever increasing biocomputing techniques. Information science has been applied to biology to produce the field called Bioinformatics. These developments have helped us to face the challenges imposed by the modern biology.

Activities of the enterprising Bioinformatics team at Rishi Biotech are aimed towards the comprehensive understanding of life and its processes at various stages.

Rishi Biotech is an integrated consulting, research and training organization providing specialized services for the bio fraternity. We specialize in the area of Insilco bio-solutions that are reliable & cost effective.

As a research organization, Rishi Biotech focuses on Cancer Genomics, Pharmacoproteomics and target identification for various diseases.

As a training institution, Rishi Biotech provides practical and hands on training to enrich technical and operational skills in the area of Bioinformatics, Pharmacoinformatics, and Biomedical Informatics.


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