Service Analytics for Biotech,Clinical,Pharma - It ensures monitoring and tracking of all after-sales and service related processes, offers insights into supplies management and ensures proactive as well as preventive maintenance. The solution is aimed at the effective management of the services business of medical devices

Predictive Asset Analytics of Clinical Trials,Pharma - This solution enables smoother operations by reducing the risk of medical device failure and ensuring that the medical devices run at optimal performance

Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) - It enables Trade Promotion managers to model, optimize, forecast, budget, execute, manage and measure the trade promotion spends for consumer, health and OTC products

Promotional Spend Compliance - This solution helps you adhere to US Sunshine Act and similar regulations worldwide. This solution is strengthened with Analytics capability for sales per spend analysis, competitive returns benchmarking and spend fraud pattern detection capability

Social Media Intelligence/Analytics - It helps identify deep business insights on treatment effectiveness, peer physician preferences, key opinion leader's recommendations, disease spread and concentration using data and opinion from social media. Amongst the end results are enhanced treatment effectiveness and improved clinical trial results

Manufacturing Process Intelligence - It enables alerts on process variation, improves shop floor visibility and expedites incident resolution. This also ensures that Life Sciences organizations adhere to regulations in manufacturing processes

  • Improve customer  retention rates for Biotech,Pharma,drug, medical device uptake and clinical trials and enhancing the life time value from each
  • Conform to the tough and ever changing regulatory and reporting norms
  • Gain operational efficiency
  • Optimize drug/medical device pricing
  • Devise the most optimal drug formulary
  • Decrease the overall cost of healthcare by reducing fraudulent medical tests, procedures
  • Improve overall health by getting patients onto wellness, rehabilitation and other programs to reduce medical losses