Molecular Biology (20 days)

Isolation and purification of Biomolecules

  • Isolation and purification of whole genomic DNA from bacteria, yeast, liver, onion
  • Isolatin and purification  of plasmid DNA from bacteria
  • Isolation and purification of total RNA from bacteria, yeast, liver, onion
  • Isolation and purification of intracellular proteins from bacteria, yeast, soybean, fish
  • Isolation and purification of extracellular proteins from bacteria

Estimation of Biomolecules

  • Estimation proteins 
  • Estimation of RNA 
  • Estimation of DNA 

Blotting Techniques

  • Northern Blotting
  • Southern Blotting
  • Western Blotting


  • Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE)

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